Apr 20 2010

Stephen Murray benefit BMX jam

Stephen Murray BMX Benefit Jam from Travis Valtierra on Vimeo.

Apr 18 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Just a short video at the trails on a Sunday afternoon.

By Brad Halliday
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Apr 14 2010

Pics from the weekend!

Mr Richardson made a worthwhile trip over to sunny Cleethorpes last saturday to come ride the new lines at G*Y*P*O Trails, and was a good sunny spring day for all those involved! Check out his pics on his Wednesday site ( impressive for an iphone).

Apr 4 2010

Artical from Vox Magazine

1 What is G.Y.P.O? How long has it been in operation?
G.Y.P.O Stands for Giving Young People Opportunities.We are a group of people who came together though a passion for alternative lifestyles our members are interested in all things creative such as BMX, Skateboarding, Inline, Dance, Parkour, Art, Music, Photography, Videography. Our aim is to improve and build new facility’s in North East Lincolnshire.
We set up our official committee in 2004? but have minutes dating as far back as 1997? form numerous council meetings where we have been trying to get facility’s up and running. In 2008 G.Y.P.O became a registered charity.
2.What have you achieved so far?
So Far we have built the legendary BMX trails on Taylor’s avenue we built a wooden skatepark behind trin youth club which we sadly had to take down.The new concreate bowl that we designed has now replaced the old wooden park and has proved to be a hit by its users.
We have taken over 300? of our members on numerous skatepark trips around the country.
We put on jams and events every year such as gigs at the Matrix club in Grimsby to help raise funds for new facility’s.and giving new young bands a chance to show their talents with over 15 gigs under our belt these nights gain popularity every year,
We have finished our business plan for the indoor park which took a long time to complete as we had to do hundreds of consultations and research.
3.What are the future plans for G.Y.P.O indoor park?
Yes the indoor park is what we have always wanted to achieve we are working with other local organisations to make sure we get there. if you believe you will achieve. we know it is needed now but things don’t happen over night.
we also hope to complete the race track in new waltham this has been nearly 8 years in the planning and where not giving up until its finished.As BMX racing is now recognised as an Olympic sport we hope to provide the area with somewhere for young talent to practice and have fun.
4.when is your next fundraiser gig? who’s playing?
The next fundraiser will be on the 4th of April we have a few bands confirmed already but you will have to keep an eye out for the poster.
5.Who are the main people involed with G.Y.P.O ?
the committee is
Chris Warren – Chairperson Luci Hutchings – Secretary Chris Stanforth – Treasurer Claire Wollington – Adviser Ben Johnson – Vice Chairperson Gary Hurst – Vice Treasurer Simon Gorrod – Vice Secretary. and we have over 500 hundred members.
6.to the general public alternative sports seem to be considered a menace, what do you think about that?
well every story has to sides to it,We acknowledge that kids jumping down stairs on the street and getting in the way of the general public is considered a menace but i don’t think the public understand sports like skateboarding bmxing and parkour as they are young sports and not seen as mainstream.when you talk to the majority of these kids they are good kids who only want a place to practise their skills and as there are no indoor facility’s in the area so they hang around the streets where the sports originated from.

Apr 2 2010

Mint 360s…

Blue Bench Session from 43 Hardware on Vimeo.

Super G and some of the 43 crew went out to Mike saavedras Trails for a BBQ-Trail session. Alot of good riding went down and great times were had by all.