Sep 15 2010

G*Y*P*O Barcelona edit*

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Sep 13 2010

Urban Sports Group*

Hey all!
For those who are unaware, myself (Norb) and Goz are looking at the possibility of extending the trin bowl with a street like section.
Tomorrow (14th September) 7.00pm-9pm we are giving you young people the chance to have your say on what you would all like to see in the extension to the bowl at trin, whether its mini’s, flatbanks, rails, ledges etc we want to hear your ideas! Its up to you how you decide to tell us what you want, you cant draw pretty pictures or describe in words.

Although we do want some unique ramp designs we are trying to avoid things that are too tall because of health and safety, this will also slow down planning permission.
To ensure that we have the best chance possible of getting together a good design i suggest you all watch plenty of bmx/skate videos to get a feel for other skate park obstacles and you can bring them to the table.

From this we are looking to get a new design together for the following months urban sports group which will take place on Tuesday 5th October for you all to see and decide upon. Please let all your friends know what is happening tomorrow as the more support we get in the early stages the more likely we are to succeed!

Heres a link to help you on your quest to the holy extention BMX Movie Database plenty of vids to be watching here!

I hope to see you all tomorrow at 7pm!

Sep 10 2010

Something for the Weekend

Here are a couple of videos to enjoy, for BMX there is a Mark Webb edit, this may give you some ideas to try at the bowl, if you can get your heads around the amount of spins and whips he does. For the skaters i bring the classic game of skate with a twist! I hope you enjoy and have a good weekend!

Sep 7 2010

Slade Bowl sesh*


About time that Bowl had some proper Graff on it…..

Sep 1 2010

Murray Jam 2010*

2010 UK Stay Strong Stephen Murray Jam – More BMX Videos