Oct 12 2010


This will cheer you up! Video of the day on mpora….

Oct 4 2010

Concrete bowl meeting

Just a quick reminder about the plans for the extension to the bowl at trin, i am currently going through the motions of reading the ideas of the groups of people that came to the meeting a few weeks back and putting them into a new design for you all to see tomorrow. If you could come down to give me your input of the new bowl design and whether you want bits of it changing then we can put it into action and have another session like this with another design so everyone has their opinion on the subject. Remember ANYONE who uses the bowl is free to come into trin to use the facilities and as its getting to the time of the year where the weather is hit and miss it gives you the chance to get out of the rain and into the dry to stay in contact with the extreme sports scene.

Hope to see you all tomorrow at 7pm

Cheers All

Oct 2 2010

James Hart….

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Oct 1 2010

Vans-kill the line jam…

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