Nov 30 2010

Letters of Support

Dear G*Y*P*O members we would like your help as we need lots of letters of support from parents, residents, dog walkers, and people of our community for our records as we often get asked about what people think of the trails from funders and the council. So if you could all ask your parents or people who you think could help us out that would be a massive help to us, it will only take 5 minutes.
In your letter we would like you to put your name address and contact number,and address the letter to whom it may concern.Then write a small paragraph about why you think the trails are good for young people and why they are good for the community plus anything else you feel may be relevant.

If you can email your letters back to us at or if you prefer to hand write your letter you can drop it off at Forw4rd in Cleethorpes Market Place.

Thanks G*Y*P*O

Nov 29 2010

Heads Up.

Padders, Leigh & Mike – Autumn 2010 from Terence Yeung on Vimeo.

Terence Yeung put this video together of local riders at local spots its always good to see young people being creative and productive keep it up lads.

Nov 22 2010

Terrible One

Nov 19 2010

Protect your Dream

Listen to the Fresh Prince guys, work hard try and improve yourself everyday follow your dreams if you believe in your heart something is possible then it is. If you get chance to read the book he talks about (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho) do so because its awesome. :)

Nov 18 2010

Rad little edit.

Nov 10 2010

Summer Gone 2010*

Nov 5 2010

Race Track Skills…

Got this off the Chapel site, thought would be some good inspiration for young people for when we get ours in the new year 2011….