Dec 26 2010

Fly Bikes…

Tres from Flybikes on Vimeo.

Hope this keeps you entertained because its a very good film….

Dec 13 2010

Scotland Indoor.

More BMX Videos

Dec 11 2010

Helmets are Cool…

Got this video off segment site, thought it was a good aussie riding video on some big concrete parks! “Helmets are wise is the message in this edit” Enjoi…

Dec 9 2010

Ben Richardson*

Old footage of Ben ripping it up, keep your eyes peeled for more old clips coming soon.

Dec 7 2010

Andy Stothard edit*

Andy Stothard end of year edit from Andy stothard on Vimeo.

Stoddy recently went up to Scotland with some of the boys he came back with some good footage and made this sweet little edit with a few good clips of G*Y*P*O trails thrown in for good measure have a butchers.

Dec 5 2010

Winter Snow Action*

Gypo winter snow Trails / park 2010* from Chris warren on Vimeo.

Most of the G*Y*P*O locals had the week off this week dew to the heavy snow but rather than sit inside all week with a brew these guys made the most of the opportunity and enjoyed the weather by making a mini snow park on the field next to the trails in Cleethorpes.We had a small jam to celebrate the end of a great week and what could be the last of the snow.Check out the short edit above enjoy*