Jan 21 2014

The trails are soaked.

Sundown winter 2014 20140120_154131 20140120_154406

With all this rain and mild weather, its pretty much ideal for doing any winter building for the warmer months to enjoy in 2014…

Jan 18 2014



Nice to see days like this with-in the cold and dark months upon us. “Winter ain’t that grim after all, 2014…”

Jan 12 2014

Blue sky*





Good effort so far with the building, and them awesome blue skies helping to make them jumps look even better…

Jan 12 2014

Looking good*



Jan 6 2014

Last Summer 13…

gettabmx.co.uk have been filming last 2013 spring/summer time and have kindly put some great footage from the trails on the east coast and the legendary Gypo Trails Jam is in there too, so enjoy…G*Y*P*O

Jan 3 2014

New Year, new lines*

20140102_120712 20140102_142846 20140102_143011

Keeping up the building on the returns with a new edition “new line” on the horizon too.

Jan 1 2014

Happy New 2014*


Return lines all being made a lot better for the new 2014 seasons.