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G*Y*P*O have built, maintained and organised numerous facilities for BMX and other extreme sports, in the local area. Below you will find information on the projects we have completed or are currently working on.

G*Y*P*O Trails – Taylors Avenue, Cleethorpes

The legendary G*Y*P*O trails were born around 1995 and planning was granted in 1997. The council decided that the core group of local BMX and MTB riders who had taken to digging in the some local woods needed somewhere to go ride permantly, so the trails in the woods could be ploughed for safety reasons. It was decided that the place we began building on, an old landfill site off taylors avenue in Cleethorpes was most suitable. So after frequent meetings large quantities of mud was brought in by a local firm and a digger was provided. The mud was then piled in certain positions so the local riders/diggers could then mould them into shape over the next decade.

Over the years we have held many jams at the trails which have been amazing days indeed. We get up to as many as 70 young people a day who are made up of local riders and many visitors from out of town who use the trails in the highlight of riding season.

There has been an estimated sixty thousand hours gone in since day one (u know who u are people). Big work building up in winter,spring and even summer when the storms come. Then there is the up-keep of the trails which involves sweeping, watering and dusting upto twice a day on busy days to keep the clay lips, landings and berms from cracking and breaking in the boiling sun and under maximum usage. It also needs a good strimming needed ideally twice a year to control the undergrowth. There is a total of 2 main diggers (Sass and Stanny) and some part timers who help every now and then, we appreciate any help from riders who use the trails who care to take time out from there busy riding schedule! as you get to ride for free…

We hope in the near future to have all that we need to keep the trails more low maintenance, prestige and bring another decade of fun*


Our holy quest for a indoor wooden Ramp park.

Since 2004 when we decided once and for all it is time we had our own indoor sustainable park in our home town of Grimby, North East Lincolnshire. From this we have done petitions, became a comittee, built up consultations with young people, been to endless meetings with the public and authorities, we have done fundraising events and even built our own out-door wooden park that was used when weather permitted from summer 2004 to summer 2006 and was proven successful with over 400 members who used the park when open and this was situated at the rear of trin young people centre. Sadly the park had to be closed down ( we were victims of our own success!).

We have kept our members involved with a young people Urban Sports Group that is run on the first wednesday of the month at 7pm at kent st resource centre. This has helped us to build up a 5 year buisness plan, to get funding for five trips to take as many 60 young people to other skateparks across the country so they can ride and find out how other organisations run there skateparks. Then they can do a consultation with the young people to get their ideas so one day they could hopefully have an Urban entertainments venue and skatepark of there own. We have done up to 15 fundraising gigs to date using the matrix venue to have bands, dj’s, mc’s, graffiti artists, food, visuals and a fun night whilst raising funds for Giving Young People Opportunities.

G*Y*P*O was asked by the local council to help design a concrete bowl on trinity fields with the the help of the USG group.  From this we have made clay model parks which we thought would be ideal to demonstrate our needs. The park is only small but for riders who have some skills and would to like progress it is superb. The park is earmarked in the future to have a second phase added to it, such as a street section designed by local riders.


Waltham Racetrack, New Road, New Waltham

We first got involved with the track in 2002.The local parish council and N.E.L council wouldn’t commit to maintaining the track so we thought we could run a weekly race night , raising  some funds to help keep the place ride-able.

We never envisaged at the time that it would take so long to get the actual track finished. It has been a long story, but basically we were locked in a situation where we could not obtain some kind of land ownership of the land (i.e License) which would enable us to obtain the funding needed to finish the actual construction of the track.

We constantly tried and seemed to be getting somewhere only for more hurdles to be put in our way, but after nearly 10 years the track was finally completed in the summer of 2011 by Clark and Kent contractors. The track is a progressive technical track , the first proper 4man race track in the UK.

We will be from april 2012 running a regular race /practice night once a week on a Thursday throughout the summer months.  BMX racing is not every ones cup of tea, but for those who want to progress in the sport of BMX its probably the best way to improve your skills. If you have wittnessed the all round riding skills of  Paddy Sharrock you will no what i mean!



GYPOBMX has evolved!

We were once a group of people who loved to ride, have fun and build our local trail spot GYPO Trails.We had stickers , t shirts and jumpers printed and travelled the U.K and further to promote our beloved trails and scene.

Many years ago all we really wanted was some decent clay for the trails.We enquired and were told we would need to become a proper group and have some ownership of the land. At the time this seemed a lot of hassle for some mud.

In 2002 it was in the local press about a possible BMX race track in New Waltham that needed someone to lookafter it.We all had a meeting in september of that year. We decided to form a group with our main objectives being getting the race track finished, the trails finished,a concrete park and an indoor building to keep the scene alive during the winter months.We had meetings and aquired knowledge from other local groups. In 2004 we became a constituted not for profit organisation. We wanted to use the name for the trails but it had to stand for something, it was originally get your pads on, but we later changed to giving young people opportunities.

In 2004 we had an opportunity to work with the local youth service and hold meetings at the trin youth centre. We began to learn how a group should be run, minutes, bank account , policys etc. We started fundraiser gigs so we could buy the wood to build ramps at the back of the trin. We organised skatepark sessions in the summer holidays and weekly nights in the winter months to try to keep the youths  interested. After 3 years we pretty much built a full skatepark which was used by over 400 different young people. In 2007 the park was forced to be removed from the youth centre and is still badly missed. We then had the opportunity to consult with the local youths and design a concrete skatepark on Trinity fields. The full park design was’nt in the budget but the bowl section was constructed in 2008 (but is still not officially opened in Jan 2010).

We have produced a five year business plan which we are currently in the second year of. We’ve been holding monthly steering group meetings and have run numerous trips to indoor skateparks around the country. In 2009 we achieved charity status. Charity number (1129916) . We have  been putting on numerous fundraiser gigs, still keep the trails maintained and are still totally commited and passionate about achieving our goals and dreams.